Do You Know What to Look For in a Surrogate?

The 3-Tier Surrogate Criteria Checklist guides you to choosing the right surrogate candidate for your independent surrogacy journey.

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3-Tier Surrogate
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Free 3-Tier Checklist for Finding Your Ideal Surrogate Candidate!

Tier 1: Essential Criteria

Fertility clinics have rigorous screening standards that your surrogate must meet. Before bringing your surrogate in for costly screening appointments and testing, make sure she will pass their initial qualifying criteria.

Tier 2: Stabilizing Criteria

In addition to the essential criteria, you should also look for stabilizing criteria to ensure your surrogate is stable, reliable, and likely to be a good fit as a surrogate throughout the journey ahead.

Tier 3: Bonus Criteria

If your surrogate meets criteria on Tiers 1 and 2, you’ve found a gem! If she meets criteria on Tier 3, you’ve found a unicorn! Tier 3 criteria help you find a surrogate who you will get along with on a deeper level for a more enjoyable experience all around.

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3-Tier Surrogate
Criteria Checklist

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